Dragon's Den

Once we had established that our last idea was not going to happen due to the inevitable veto by Janja, we had to quickly come up with another idea. Unfortunately we could not do it in time for the next session of Design Thinking and we were the only team who could not present anything […]

Design Thinking 2

Our Design Thinking adventure has evolved into concentrating more on the empathy aspect. For this exercise we were tasked to create a group of people where each had just one capability. This means one person could not see, the other could not speak, another could not think and so forth. I was the person who […]

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a new one for me. After all I am no designer and never aspired to be one. The only thing close to ‘design’ which I am accustomed to in my professional life is sound design for film. Obviously I had no expectation to draw any similarities in between the two as it […]


Advertising with Helen Robinson was interesting. Whether you are in business or not, advertising is an unavoidable part of life and every human probably has a lot to say on it through pure experience. My personal view on it has always been as seeing it as a more sinister strategy for generating sales for products […]