Note to future self

As the year is coming to an end so is the longest module of the entire course coming to a conclusion. Design Thinking for Start-ups has been an interesting experience. When I think about the past it feels like we have done so much for this course as it was a highly diverse experience. It […]

The Business

The only thing left to do for this project was to devise on a business plan and to also strategise how to promote the business through social media. I had already got some quotes for production from a specialist company which dealt with such cards but I did not think that was enough to base […]

The prototype

Once it became clear that the professional card makers would not be of any use to me, I had to come up with a new solution very urgently. It seemed that they were not very interested in students wanting to get prototypes made and even if they had come through in time, their prices were […]

Pushing forward

Because a lot of my time and opportunities were wasted due to the group issues, I had no means of testing the idea anywhere outside of my own friends group. This meant that there was some bias towards the idea and it was worth taking it outside my own circle.  Luckily the Kingston Eden Walk […]

A new beginning

Due to the setbacks with my original team this module quickly went from interesting and inspiring to an undesired chore. However, I still had to somehow complete it and so I had to keep moving forward by forgetting about all the wasted efforts which had unfairly gone down the drain. It was a completely unjust […]

The progress

So far based on my research and some of the feedback I have received from the class is greatly helping me to shape an idea for a solution to the problem. I have learned what OOH marketing is and understood what it entails. I have created personas in order to outline my target audience. I […]